Power Word Skill by DM Zemo

About DM Zemo:

Real name Phil Carroll. Born and raised in New Jersey. First Learned AD&D back in 1999 with the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game boxed set. Never could find anyone to play with him. Learned 3rd Edition around 2000 (good riddance THAC0!). Still could not find anyone to play with him. Moved out to Minnesota in 2014. Started a 3rd Edition group. Bought 5th edition. Never went back to floating modifiers and 2 page grappling rules. Been running 5th Edition games ever since, occasionally dipping his toes into various other RPG systems including: Dungeon World, Paranoia, Splinter, Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition, Call of Cthulhu, Burning Wheel, and Phoenix: Dawn Command. Fan of Critical Role, Acquisitions Incorporated, and The Adventure Zone. Hopes to be at least 1/20th as cool/successful.

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