Professional Dungeon Master for Hire!

Phil has been studying and practicing the craft of Dungeon Mastering for the past 10 years and is passionate about helping others on their own hero’s journey.

Have you always wanted to try Dungeons & Dragons but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a professional Dungeon Master to run an adventure for you and your friends?

You rolled a Natural 20 on your Investigation Check and you have found what you have been searching for!

My Services:

Introduction to D&D Session 1-6 Players, 1-2 Hours [$5/Player]

Have zero idea how to get started?

I’m here to help!

I can teach you everything!

We can be as straightforward or as detailed as you would like/need. We will cover gameplay mechanics, tips for roleplaying, group social contracts, any desired house rules, as well as a detailed overview of character and adventure options.

Low stress, low expectations, just people talking and sharing knowledge and experiences together. Any and all levels of prior experience/knowledge, no matter what you know, you will walk away knowing more.

One-Shot 2-6 Players, 2-4 hours [$5/Player/Hour]

A Self-Contained Mini-Adventure meant to be completed in a single session. One-Shots can be chosen or custom designed for your group.

Campaign 1-6 Players, 2-4 hours [$10/Player/Hour]

Ongoing & continuous adventures. Can be Episodic or Serial or both.

Episodic: same characters session to session, locations/situations change from session to session with minimal need to recall previous sessions.

Serial: same characters, same locations, ongoing and dynamically changing situations based on character choices. Character arcs and plotlines connecting various sessions.

Phil is the only GM I’ve wanted to play TTRPGs with. The depth, knowledge, and patience he brings to games makes him ideal for players of all skill levels and experiences. You don’t know how spell casting works? Phil will help you through it. You want to skeletonize four classes into one awesome amalgam because that’s who your character is? Phil will make you a custom character sheet. He also has the highest respect for unique player needs or boundaries that may have kept people away from gaming. Simply put, Phil is build different.


Phil really goes above and beyond when it comes to being a DM. Phil’s use of music, intricate home-made maps, and his impressive voices and characters makes for such a fun and immersive D&D experience. Phil pretty much knows every rule, monster, and spell by heart, or can direct you exactly where you need to go to find information on all things D&D, making him an excellent dungeon master for both beginners and Experienced players. I had played D&D before with others but I learned so much more about the game playing with Phil!


One of my favorite things about playing with Phil is my characters’ choices have consequences not only on the current campaign, but the world as a whole. Decide to show mercy and that NPC may seek vengeance or become indebted to you or become the next big bad. Phil has been playing long enough that he knows several systems and the tweaks necessary to make them accessible to new players and exciting for seasoned players. He also took all of the spelljammer rules and updated them to 5e just for fun. He’s the real deal and you won’t regret a session or 10 with Phil


Phil brings a lot of passion to the table with him. It won’t take long for you to realize that he is stoked to dive into the adventure. I’ve played a handful of PCs across several campaigns with Phil as my DM and all of them were filled with memorable moments. He has the knowledge to teach new players and the experience to weave thoughtfully crafted narratives that will keep you engaged. If you get a chance to visit Ra’el I would highly recommend it. Whatever adventure you go on, you will have a good time with Phil as your DM.


Phil was my first DM. I wanted to get into D&D and so I called Phil and asked him what to do. I’d seen Phil literally recreate D&D from memory/ from scratch for a group of ppl who had no access to books, internet… anything. And it was amazing. He was the obvious authority on D&D in my life at that time. Fast forward almost ten years and I not only play D&D regularly but I’m the DM… and I call Phil for direction and advice ALL the time. Phil made my first D&D game comfortable, enjoyable and so much fun, and frankly he’s still doing it. Highly recommend.


Let’s Adventure!