(0b) The Question

“Enough preamble. We must prepare you for what is to come. The best music, poetry, and art come from a heart that has survived profound pain. Magick is no different. Within you is a seed of suffering. A hole in your soul. An itch just out of reach. From this dramatic tension of having some and wanting more, your will is born and takes shape. The Mysteries have already begun unfolding within you. You may access them along your journey. In fact, we encourage it. Some obstacles can only be overcome with the magick of The Five Mysteries. But once you tap into your will and call it forth, The Mystery written upon your soul will be crossed off, only to return later when the proper questions are asked. You may possess multiple Mysteries but may only use one per obstacle. Some Mysteries may elude you altogether. This time at least. We will be here again should you need a friend to help you cure your ennui. Just start from the beginning again and then make new mistakes.

You survived something didn’t you? We can taste your pain in the air you exhale. What suffering seed stretches through the darkness to see the light of day? What wound still presses fresh on your heart?”

I hurt someone I love. (QN)

I destroyed something beautiful. (QE)

I made a promise I couldn’t keep. (QI)

I learned a truth I wish I hadn’t. (QD)

I went to a forbidden place and paid the price. (QO)