ALONE is an online text-based solo RPG.

All you need is two 6-sided dice (2d6), a single sheet of 8.5×11″ paper, a pen, and your imagination. If you don’t have two dice handy, feel free to use Google Die Roller instead. Pencils are against the rules. There’s no going back on terrible choices. May all your decisions be difficult, and your deaths interesting. 

On your single piece of paper write the following somewhere you feel comfortable (front, back, side, middle, wherever the spirit moves you).

Soul Sheet




N : 

O :

D :

E :

I  :


For Name, put a moniker. This probably won’t change, but sometimes identity is fluid.

For Will, Roll 2d6+2, this is your “health.” It will go up and down, leave plenty of space for cross-outs.

For Mysteries, you have no idea what the letters signify, and why would you? They’re mysteries. Just leave space to mark down numbers next to them as these these mysteries will gain or lose points as you gain or use these mysteries. All start at zero. Increase or decrease when prompted.

For Inventory, leave plenty of space. You’re responsible for keeping track of your things responsibly. You can hold 10 things. That’s it. 

On every page of your story you will have options at the bottom to choose from. These actions can include: Talk, Attack, Take, Drop, Use, Contemplate Mystery (N, O, D, E, I).

At certain points these will be options, some options will require that you have a particular item, have done a particular action, or have a certain Mystery. Don’t rob yourself of a genuine experience by cheating. If you get some serious FOMO, just play the game again differently. It’ll be here waiting for you. 


Once you have your Soul Sheet ready to go, let the adventure begin!