Inspirational Quotes


I would like the world to remember me as the guy who really enjoyed playing games and sharing his knowledge and his fun pastimes with everybody else. — Gary Gygax



I dunno, I’m trying to figure out how many fuckin hit points I have, this game doesn’t make any goddamned sense. – Adam Koebel speaking of his own award winning game Dungeon World.



You can certainly try. – Matthew Mercer speaking of a dubious skill check.

Matt Mercer

We try to escape our troubles with movies, books, and video games, and as fun as they are for some of us they don’t fill that very specific need that tabletop role-playing games do. Communication. More than that, shared experience creating memories with other people. That is what I find is the most important part of playing tabletop games. – Satine Phoenix on GM Tips “Retrospective.”


I don’t think we play D&D because it’s fun. I mean obviously it’s fun, otherwise we wouldn’t do it, but it’s not ONLY because it’s fun….There are things that happen in D&D that don’t happen in any other game, that CAN’T happen in any other game…but this is true of all role-playing games…We invented it on the spot…the fact that it was being invented dynamically on the spot is one of the things that made it feel more real. Millions of people play D&D every month, no other game of D&D has ever gone exactly the same as that one did, and no other game ever will. – Matt Colville recounting an epic story of one of his sessions.

Matt Colville



CRITICAL! – Vin Diesel