(0O1) Where am I?

Mark Mystery O +1

“We call it the Threshold. The beginning of our world and the ending of the world you left behind. We call this world Kozottul, the place between and beyond. It is terrible and wonderful, and our job is to greet those who make it to our world. This Threshold is your own and yours alone. Many come here from other worlds but some never make it this far. A grand adventure awaits you in this place. We are here to help your first steps be fruitful. If you follow the light before you, you will enter The Promenade. From there you will find 5 arches. Each Archway points the way to the first five domains of Kozottul. Others exist beyond these five but we cannot speak of them.”

Why can’t you speak of them?

“It is beyond us. It is as unmade.” 

Is this a physical place?

“Kozottul exists. Physicality is a manifestation of perception. If you feel your feet and the marble beneath them, then it’s probably real enough to hurt you if you fall. When you think back on this place, your memory will be just as vivid as if you were here yourself, such is the power of the mind. What is a story but a memory being told again?”

My own “Threshold?”

“It is the connection of your soul as it transitions from one vessel to this one. This connection is a one way flow. There is no going back to where you came from. For you, for now, there is only moving forward into this world. We hope this simplifies things for you and gives you courage. You will need it.”

Any advice you can give me?

“Don’t die. It’s a real pain to start your story over. There’s no guarantee things will unfold the same. The author of this world is a twisted mind. Your choices will ripple through the world and open and close many doors. Be sure you are sure of your choices.”
“Enough Preamble…”